Pneumatic Side Action Grips


Pneumatic side action grips provide a versatile and effective solution for gripping a wide range of materials and specimen types. Fibres, wires, sheet, foils, film, textiles, plastics, elastomers and components can all be successfully tested . Repeatable gripping force and speed of operation make pneumatic grips the ideal choice for a wide range of testing applications.

Our 2712-04x and 2712-05x Series grips have a number of enhanced features to further improve ease of use, repeatability and operator safety including jaw face shields, super-quick jaw face changes and an optional specimen centering device. 

A wide range of interchangeable jaw faces in various sizes and choice of surfaces is available including smooth ground, rubber coated and serrated. Line contact, wave profile and brake-lining faces are also available.  

Principle Of Operation

Pneumatic action grips clamp the specimen through a dual lever arm, actuated by an air cylinder built into the grip body. Gripping force can be controlled by adjusting the input air pressure and remains constant even if the specimen contracts in the gripped area providing the ultimate in 'follow-up' action. Pneumatic grips can be operated by a footswitch or by grip mounted air-valves (most models) making them quicker and simpler to operate than screw-action grips.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tensile, static, tension-tension cyclic tests. Not suitable for high cycle fatigue tests. 
  • Specimen material: thin sheets, films, foils, threads, plastic tapes, fine wires and soft materials. 
  • Specimen shapes: round (wires) and flat specimen with/without shoulder tab ends.


Item Name Capacity Upper Fitting Cat #
High Temperature Pneumatic Side Action Grips 1 kN 225 lbf Pneumatic connection 2732-009
High Temperature Pneumatic Side Action Grips 1 kN 225 lbf Pneumatic connection 2732-008
High Temperature Pneumatic Side Action Grips 0.1 kN 22 lbf 3/16 in Clevis Pin (Type Bm) 2732-006
Pneumatic Side Action Grips 10kN 10 kN 2250 lbf 1/2 in Clevis Pin (Type Dm) 2712-046
Pneumatic Side Action Grips 1kN 1 kN 225 lbf 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) 2712-041
Pneumatic Side Action Grips 250 N 0.250 kN 50 lbf 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) 2712-052
Pneumatic Side Action Grips 2kN 2 kN 450 lbf 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) 2712-042
Pneumatic Side Action Grips 50N 0.050 kN 10 lbf 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) 2712-051
Pneumatic Side Action Grips 5kN 5 kN 1125 lbf 1/2 in Clevis Pin (Type Dm) 2712-045