2525 Series Sandwich

Load cells are an integral part of the force measurement system of a testing machine. Their interchangeability along with transducer recognition and single point electrical calibration makes them easy to use. They maintain high alignment and are resistant to offset loading throughout the test, even with large sized specimens. Instron controls the design, manufacture and quality of all load cells, with customer applications in mind. They are certified in accordance with international standards for use in material testing machines only. 

Principle Of Operation

Instron load cells are precision force transducers containing a full bridge of strain gauges bonded to internal load bearing structures. When mechanically stressed the electrical resistance of the gauges changes, thus changing the output signal.This signal is then conditioned for display readouts in accordance with international standards.

Application Range

  • Instron load cells have been tested for accuracy and repeatability on calibration apparatus traceable to international standards, with an uncertainty of measurement not exceeding one third of the permissible error of the load cell. 
  • Their accuracy is equal to or better than 0.025% of the cell rated output or 0.25% of the indicated load, whichever is the greater.
Item Name Capacity Accessory Diameter Cat #
2525 Series Sandwich Static Load Cell (300 kN) 300 kN 67,500 lbf 210 mm 8.2 in 2525-114